Sorry, Stella by Stella! Released 2012 on Detroit Radio Co. Recordings and Earthwork Music. Jo's "all girl" band featuring songs by Jo, Jen Sygit, Tom Waits and Rachael Davis. Produced by Adam Druckman and co-produced by Larry Eagle.


Song List [Downloadable tracks are BOLD]:

  1. I Suppose
  2. Pay For What You Get
  3. Down In The Cellar
  4. One In A Million
  5. Too Late, Too Great
  6. Back To The Roots
  7. Unbreak My Heart
  8. Chocolate Jesus
  9. Sorry, Stella
  10. Everybody Got The Blues
  11. Rocking Chair Blues
  12. Rock-A-Bye

© copyright 2012, Stella!

Love Going South is Jo's third release. This album contains all original material, and was produced by Adam Druckman. Released in Sept. 2009 on Detroit Radio Co. Recordings.


Song List [Downloadable tracks are BOLD]:

  1. You Smile
  2. Gotham Hotel
  3. Unbreak My Heart
  4. Stardust And Bromide
  5. Floorshow
  6. Cry Your Eyes
  7. Rise Up Bones
  8. Love Going South
  9. Swoon
  10. I Suppose
  11. Nothing Is Forever

© copyright 2009, Jo Serrapere

Tonight at Johnny's Speakeasy is Jo's first album with The Willie Dunns. It was recorded mostly live at Johnny's Speakeasy in Ann Arbor, Michigan with live tracks from other performances from 2000 to 2002. Released in May 2002 on Detroit Radio Co. Recordings.

Produced by Jo and the Willie Dunns


Temporarily Sold Out! - Downloads are available at CD Baby and soon, I-Tunes

Song List [Downloadable tracks are BOLD]:

  1. Jesus Wears Red
  2. Nobody's Business
  3. Ann Arbor Days
  4. Oklahoma Of My Heart
  5. Living Well
  6. Walking Spanish
  7. I Will
  8. Shoe Shine Man
  9. Sheltering Sky
  10. Closer To The Bone
  11. 44 Blues
  12. I'm Satisfied
  13. Jesus In A Snowball

© copyright 2002, Jo Serrapere

My Blue Heaven is Jo's debut album. Featuring many talented musicians, including Andrew Bishop, David Brophy, John Brophy, John Devine, Aria DiSalvio, David Mosher, Jeff Plankenhorn, Gary Reynolds, Jef Reynolds and Rollie Tussing. My Blue Heaven is still very popular with old and new fans.


Song List [Downloadable tracks are BOLD]:

  1. You Wanna Get With Me
  2. I Will
  3. Throw Rug Blues
  4. You're Changing Like the Season
  5. Good 'Ol Wagon
  6. C.C. Rider
  7. Now I Pray
  8. Dream My Girl
  9. Oil and Water
  10. Ghost
  11. Welcoming the Moments of Life

© copyright 1998, Jo Serrapere

She Went Upstairs is an Old-time/Appalachian CD with K.C. Groves and Jo fronting a band of very talented women. Sally Van Meter, Laurie Lewis, Pooh Sevenson, Jean Ballhorn and Tahmineh Gueramy join K.C. and Jo to create a truly touching performance. She Went Upstairs is available

Produced by Sally Van Meter

Released May 2002

Song List

  1. Charlie He's A Good Ol' Man
  2. The Blackest Crow
  3. Orphan Train
  4. Dream My Girl
  5. Rubber Dolly
  6. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
  7. Baby
  8. Lost Child
  9. Over in the Gloryland
  10. The Fox
  11. Snow White Dove
  12. Freight Train

© copyright 2002, Uncle Earl

Ann Arbor Musicians For Peace Benefit CD, Tell it. Think it. Speak it. Breath it. A compilation CD featuring some of the area's finest musicians speaking their peaceful minds. It is available at the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace website
Dave Boutette
Chris Buhalis
Delta 88
Brian Lillie
Madcat & Kane w/ Whit & Al Hill
Kevin Meisel
David Mosher
Jim Roll
Jo Serrapere & The Willie Dunns
Dick Siegel
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